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Your Site It's Your Window Shop!



Brilliance: Our designers are like artists with pixels. They blend aesthetics and functionality seamlessly, creating visually stunning websites that captivate your audience.


Tailored Solutions:

No cookie-cutter templates here! We listen to your needs, understand your brand, and tailor our designs to fit your unique identity.


Responsive Design:

In the age of mobile browsing, your website needs to look flawless on every device. Our responsive designs adapt beautifully to screens of all sizes.

Your Digital Storefront

In today’s interconnected world, your website acts as your digital storefront. It’s often the first point of contact for potential clients and customers. A well-designed website instantly conveys professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. Without one, your business might appear outdated or even questionable.

Why mobile-first?

In a digital landscape dominated by handheld devices, we believe in putting mobile users at the forefront. Our philosophy centers around creating seamless experiences that adapt effortlessly to screens of all sizes.

At Search My Art, you Pay-as-You-Grow!


Scaling Success, Navigating Growth:

Scalability isn’t just about technical aspects; it’s also about user experience. Prioritise intuitive navigation, fast load times, and efficient workflows to keep users engaged.

As your business grows, so does your website. Our monthly payment structure ensures that your investment aligns with your success.

Our Tailored Risk Mitigation Approach:

No need to commit to a full design cost upfront.

Our monthly payment structure ensures that your investment aligns with your success by allowing your website to scale alongside your growing business.

In other words, as your business expands, your website adapts and evolves without requiring a large upfront investment. It’s a flexible approach that supports your journey toward success! 

Reduced Financial Risk:

By paying only a 20% upfront fee, our clients minimize their initial financial commitment. This approach is particularly beneficial for startups or businesses with limited budgets.


Clients can assess the quality of work and the compatibility with their vision before fully committing. If they’re satisfied, they continue with the monthly payments; if not, they have the flexibility to explore other options.

Cash Flow Management:

Monthly payments spread the cost over time, making it easier for businesses to manage cash flow. It aligns with revenue cycles and operational expenses.


Market dynamics change, and business priorities shift. The pay-as-you-grow model allows clients to adapt their website strategy without being locked into a fixed design cost.


Pay-as-you-grow and optimised site health: 

User Experience Enhancement: Fast-loading pages and error-free browsing. Visit the maintenance section.

Website Maintenance Essentials, Peace of Mind:

Knowing your site is well-maintained allows you to focus on your business. Proactive Website.


Regular updates and security patches protect your site from vulnerabilities.


Keep loading times fast and ensure smooth user experiences.


Regularly update content to engage visitors and improve SEO.

A well-maintained website is like a thriving garden: Regular care ensures it blooms with security, speed, and fresh content.


Site Health Benefits:

A well-maintained website builds trust with visitors and contributes to your business growth

  • SEO Boost:Regular updates and fresh content improve search engine rankings.
  • Cost-Effective:Prevent major issues by addressing small ones proactively.
What is a “Pay as You Grow” Module?

A “Pay as You Grow” module is a flexible pricing model for web design services. Instead of paying a fixed fee upfront, clients pay based on their usage or business growth. It allows businesses to start with essential features and expand as needed, adjusting costs according to their development and success.

In this model, clients begin with a basic website or minimal features. As their business grows, they can add functionalities, additional pages, or advanced design elements. Costs increase gradually, aligning with business expansion.

  • Scalability: Businesses can start small and scale up as needed without significant upfront investment.
  • Affordability: Initial costs are lower, making it accessible for startups and small businesses.
  • Flexibility: Clients can adapt their website. based on changing requirements or market. trends

Yes, most providers allow plan adjustments. Clients can upgrade for more features or downgrade if they need fewer services. Clear terms and conditions should outline these options.

We work with WordPress, for other website content management platforms contact us and we'll be glad to advise if we can help support your website.